Bumbo Biba

Pilot of the Relentless Pursuit


Named his ship the relentless Pursuit in honor (and a little bit as a joke) of his friend Kral for his unstoppable search of his father.


Born of a modest trading family, Bumbo always loved traveling in ships. When he was 14 years old, his parents were killed in an Imperial attack on a fringe world leaving him and his older brother alone. His brother, Ker, wanting to keep a semblance of family business, became a small time smuggler between the republic and Imperial controlled territory. When he was 22 years old, on a trading mission, the brothers where intercepted by an Imperial battlecruiser but before they were captured, Ker told Bumbo to escape in their only small lifeboat. By luck, the small escape pod wasn’t detected by the battlecruiser and Bumbo drifted slowly to a passing trading ship. He sold them the lifeboat for safe passage to the nearest planet and from there, with his credits left, paid a smuggler ship for a Republic system.

From rumor in the smuggler scene, Bumbo knows that caught smuggler, on the border of the Imperial controlled territory, are normally kept on one of the fringe planet in a sector close to where he last saw his brother. He is always searching for his location in hope to rescue him from his captors.

His only close relative still alive is his grand-father Bingo Biba. Bingo helped Bumbo get through the death of his parent and the capture of his brother. He recently stayed for a time at his home while getting back on his feet.

Bumbo Biba

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