Arador Sky

Promising young jedi skilled with lightsabers


Fortitude: 19
Reflex: 21
Will: 17

Acrobatics: 11

Deception: 8

Initiative: 6

Perception: 2

Use The Force: 8

Weapon Specialisation (Lightsaber)

Dual Weapon Mastery I
DualWeapon Mastery II
Force Sensitivity
Melee Defense
Weapon Finesse
Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber, Simple Weapons)
Rapid Strike
Weapon Focus (Lightsaber)


Arador Sky is the youngest child of a family that sought refuge on Tython after the Empire attacked their home planet. Soon found to be skilled in the use of the Force, he was recruited by the Jedis living on the planet. His family was offered a place to live on a planet unknown of by Arador. He was one of the fastest learner in the forms of Lightsaber dueling, but he always had trouble using the Force directly. Wanting to prove himself, he learned to channel the Force through his lightsaber, becoming one of the best duelist of his years.

At thirteen he was chosen by his master, a human named Tiro Bellami, as his apprentice. At first, they were two of them: him, and a Miraluka named Jewyar. It was quite unusual for a Jedi Master to have two padawans, but everything was turning out good… until Jewyar fled Tython and the Jedi Order. Nobody knew why he had left. Years later, he returned to Tython along with a human named Kral, the apprentice of Lennox Skyfall, but left as soon as he could.

Arador became good friend with Kral, as his master wouldn’t take any more missions since the return of Jewyar. He trained along Kral and one day, when Kral and his master left in search for clues on Kral’s father’s whereabouts, he was allowed by both masters to accompany his firend in his search.

Arador Sky

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