Projet Babal'Hou

Mission Report - Trapped in the star - Session 3
It's a trap!

Coming Soon

Mission Report - The wedding of Evin Alde - Session 1
Definetly not a red wedding

The session starts with Bumbo, in the spaceport, selling Rouge Corelien at a ridiculous price because the party organizer heard rumor of Nem’ro the Hutt coming to the wedding. While having this conversation, Nem’ro starship passes over their heads. While this is happening, Kral is with his master, Lennox Skyfall, talking with nobles. One of those noble makes a scene but nothing noteworthy happens until the Hutt’s ship lands in the courtyard where Kral, his Master and Rorworr, one of the guard, see the entrance of the Nal Hutta crime lord. The Hutt makes its way to the hall with his 100 servants moving tables to make way for their master. Bumbo sees this while moving the cargo into the kitchen. When he comes back for more boxes, he sees Jewyar waiting for him. He had previously told him that for a measly sum of credits he would smuggle him inside the wedding and passes him off as one of his crewmate. The guard are suspicious but the two of them succeed in entering the wedding.

After this, the wedding starts and everybody his called to the chapel. By a stroke of luck, Kral, Jewyar, Lennox and Bumbo are all seated next to each other. The tension his high because the Hutt’s entourage is seated right behind them. but it goes on without any incident.

Back in the hall after the wedding, the 3 jedi and the smuggler are at the same table and Rorworr stands guard at one end of the room. The banquet starts and they can clearly see that everybody is drinking more than usual from the fact that a Hutt is standing in the room. The married couple goes from table to table, thanking everybody for their attendance. Evin is clearly drunk at this point.

When the couple goes back to the front of the room to make a toast, a blaster shot destroys Evin’s glass but doesn’t hit him. Lennox tells Kral, Jewyar and Bumbo to get the couple off the planet as quickly as possible, activates her badass mode and starts killing every attacker in the room. Kral, listening to his master goes directly to the couple and escorts them out of the room. Jewyar does the same but gets repeatedly shot, has to deflect the blaster bolt with the force and then kills one of the attacker with a table before nearly dying and having to quickly retreat. Rorworr channels his rage after being stabbed and kills 3 people than saves the life of Bumbo by smashing the head of his attacker. Bumbo shoots 3 people down to cover Jewyar and Kral and then escapes with the wookie.

While outside, the 2 jedi, the wookie, the smuggler and the couple meet up and try to make their way to the spaceport, where one of the prince’s ship is stored. The wife of Evin tries to stab Kral but misses and then gets lost into the packed crowd. The 5 member of the group left then find the starship and leave the planet’s surface. The session ends on their Hyperspace Jump.

Le mariage d'Evin Alde

En l’an 12 ATC, au domaine Alde, se tiendra le mariage de Evin Alde, prince de la très distinguée maison Alde, à sa fiancée Sena de la maison Organa.

Des délégations des quatre coins de la République sont convoquées au mariage, que le chancellier Montari Alde décrit comme un très bienvenu répit d’une journée dans les hostilités entre la République Galactique et l’Empire Sith, ainsi que des restants de la guerre civile d’Alderaan qui s’est résolue il y a seulement deux ans.

L’académie Jedi de Tython, conseillée par l’un de ses chevaliers Lennox Skyfall, envoie comme délégation un de leurs padawans les plus prometteurs, Kral Damar.

Parmi les nombreux marchands chargés d’approvisionner l’événement se trouve Bumbo Biba, qui est en train de faire l’affaire de sa vie en vendant une immense cargaison de Rouge Corréllien, un des vins les plus réputés du territoire républicain.

De nombreux gardes de sécurité ont été engagés pour le mariage, dont le wookiee Rorworr de Kashyyyk.

Finalement, à l’extérieur du hall se trouve Jewyar, qui n’est pas sur la liste des invités mais qui, riche de ses informations, devrait nécessairement trouver un moyen d’entrer sur les lieux.


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